Your Essential Guide To Dressing Your Baby

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Dressing up your little munchkin can be quite exciting. A lot of thoughts go into planning a baby’s wardrobe. Dressing your baby initially can be quite a task. You will be too busy figuring out how to hold the newborn for the first few weeks. For the first few weeks, the baby needs to be handled with the utmost care and dressing him or her up needs to be done super gently. When your baby is almost one month old you can start experimenting with a variety of outfits. Mix and match tops, bottoms, socks, mittens, hats, etc to dress up your little one.

Dressing Your Baby During The Day

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Dressing up a little one depends upon the weather to a great extent. Go for onesies, dresses or tops paired with wrap skirts or pants. Make sure whatever you choose for the baby is comfortable. Choose dresses with which changing nappies and diapers are easy. If it is the winter season consider layering up. Add sweaters, woollen bottoms, socks, mittens and beanie. Make sure that the baby is warm enough. Make sure you cover the baby with a soft blanket. There are pants that have feet cover weaved along with them which eliminates the need for socks or mittens which might get lost because of their tiny size.

Dressing Your Baby For Sleeping

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It is advisable that the baby should be made as much comfortable as possible during sleep. According to experts, babies wriggle during sleep and an extreme amount of layering and covering can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). For summers let your baby wear a simple cotton dress and put him or her to sleep. During winters let your baby wear a comfortable and warm onesie. Add mittens but try and avoid any kind of caps. Top the baby up with a comfortable blanket and put them to sleep. Babies should be given enough space to wriggle and move while sleeping.

What Kind Of Fabric Clothes Should One Buy For A Baby?

Babies have sensitive skin which needs care and protection. One needs to be careful while shopping for baby clothes. It is advisable to purchase clothes made out of natural fibres like cotton and bamboo. These are much more breathable in comparison to synthetic fibres. Clothes made out of natural fibres help in temperature regulation. Few other things also need to be kept in mind before putting on a new dress on your baby. Wash the new clothes to make them softer and for getting rid of harsh dyes and chemicals which are involved in the manufacturing process of clothes. It is of utmost importance that baby clothes are well sanitized with alcohol-free sanitisers before they come in contact with the baby. Even during regular washing of baby clothes at home, one must essentially avoid usage of any harsh chemicals and use mild detergent only. For newborn babies, it is better to go with light colours which will be soothing for the baby. When the baby gets older you can experiment which flashy bold colours and cute designs to make your baby look adorable.

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