What Are The Steps To Dressing Baby For Cold Weather And Hot Weather – Must Know Things

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As soon as a baby is born, a mother’s world starts revolving around this new universe she brought into life. From feeding to protecting everything, depends on the mother. Feeding, for the time being, is natural, however, protecting the newborn is everything about preparation. As a mother, you need to stay well guarded and prepared. Dressing your infant with a proper set of clothes is going to make it easy for your parenting. So, what are your steps to dressing baby for cold weather and hot weather? Let’s start with cold weather-

Dressing Baby For Cold Weather, Let’s Find Out

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Bundling up your infant is what you are going to try. 

  • Layering is your first and foremost step. Not only this process helps you trap the heat within clothes, but this method also ensures to safeguard your baby. Cotton clothes that are very thin will be a good choice in this regard. Let us start drapping the newborn with a thin onesie, then carry on continuing the same as required. You can try out long pants coupled with a full-sleeved shirt. Opting for a snowsuit is also a good idea if you are planning on trips to the cold regions. 
  • Cover your baby from top to toe. If any add-on such as mittens, gloves, and hat is required, go for the choices. Have your infant fully covered to not let any cold wind get through your baby’s skin.
  • Never forget your blanket, if you are traveling outside. If you are supposed to take your baby in the stroller, carry your blanket. Also, if somehow you forget to carry your blanket, your pram’s cover will help you handle the situation. However never forget your blanket.

More In This Concern:

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  • Make sure that you keep an on your baby, for overheating can be dangerous as well. So, as soon as you come inside try removing one by one your baby’s clothes, even if the baby is sleeping.
  • Try maintaining the room temperature to 68-72 F degrees. Try checking on your baby from time to time, to see, whether the neck is sweaty or not.
  • It is better that you don’t wrap your baby with a blanket during bedtime. Wrap around warm, clothes, but avoid a blanket at all cost. 

Dressing Baby For Hot Weather

  • Forget the notion of layers.
  • Ensure that your baby’s head is covered with a lightweight hat to protect them from sunlight.
  • Use light fabrics to keep it comfortable for the baby. If you are carrying your baby in your carrier, check whether it is breathable or not.
  • Also, make sure that your baby‘s eyes are protected from the sunlight.


This is what you need to learn for dressing baby for cold weather and hot weather. These are simple and basics to begin with. With parenting stages, you will naturally learn what is best for your kid. However, from time to time, check on your kid to see if there is any problem with their comfort level or not.

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