Top 8 Fashion Trends That You Are Better Off Leaving Behind

Top 8 Fashion Trends That You Are Better Off Leaving Behind

Fashion and style trends are something that is constantly changing. Some of its aspects tend to survive decades and others fade away within a matter of weeks. And to be up-to-date with the current fashion trends, you need to abandon the old fashion trends behind and move forward.

However, in this ever-changing world of fashion, it’s quite difficult to determine which fashion trend is staying and which are better to stay away from. So, how would you know which trends to leave behind?

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top eight fashion trends that you’re better off leaving behind.

So, let’s get into the list…

Wearing Matching Makeup With Your Outfit

Although this was a major fashion trend just a few years ago, it isn’t really a makeup style you should be using in this day and age. According to fashion experts, wearing matching lipstick and eye shadow might be too much and people don’t really approve it as an adult thing anymore. So, unless you’re still in your middle school, it’s better to leave this trend behind.

Unusually Long Hair

Fashion Trends

It’s true that there was a time when women with longer hair were considered to be more feminine and a fashion icon. But that day is long behind us. Nowadays, having unusually long hair can not only decrease your attractiveness, but it might also cause many hair related problems. So, next time you think that your hair is becoming way longer than usual, consider to trim it down.

Strange Jewelry

Wearing large or many jewelry surely attracted many spotlights and praises just a few years ago. That the whole thing is a matter of past now. In this age of minimalistic fashion, wearing statement jewelry might cause you backlash and negative comments. So, if you keep wearing strangely big jewelry, then the fashion police are sure to attack you. Keep your usage of jewelry in check and still the spotlight like a king.

Overdone Fake Tan

Who doesn’t like to tan their skin and get the golden-brown skin that screams beauty? It’s obvious that sun-tanned skin attracts much attention. However, if you overdo this skin tanning with makeup, then you will only end up creating a cheap impression in the public. But many people still overdo it and create a fake orange tan that seems totally unnatural. So, if possible, try abandoning spray tan altogether.


Fashion Trends

Sure, if your grandma had to remember about one of the few fashion items that leveled up their fashion game, pantyhose will definitely be one of them. But the time of pantyhose has long been disappeared. And if you think about putting on pantyhose in this time, you might also risk actually looking like your grandma. So, stop putting on pantyhose. If you really want to wear a skirt, don’t hesitate and be bold. Go ahead and try out one.

Chevron Print

If you were to look for one of the most famous clothing designs a decade or two ago, then you would have definitely rocked any occasion with amazing chevron printed clothes. But this isn’t the case anymore. In fact, as the days are passing, more and more stores are abandoning chevron print clothes in favor of newer designs. Therefore, listen to expert advice and try to stay away from chevron print unless you absolutely love them.

Capri Pants

Of course, capri pants were one of the most amazing fashion items at a time and it gained a lot of popularity. But if you wear them today, then it will only make you look like a half-ass person who doesn’t know how to commit. The Capri pants used to be for those people who neither wanted to commit to shorts nor to the pants. However, people are more decisive right now and they’re choosing either shorts or full-blown pants.

Thick Eyeliner

If you were living in the 1990s or 2000s, then the thick eyeliner might have worked really well for you. It would have given you a bold and fierce look that people used to fell in love with. But those smokey eyes days are already over.

Right now, as people are more inclined towards minimalistic things, they tend to use less makeup to uncover the natural glow of the skin. And when it comes to eyeliner, the current trend is “less is more.” And anyway, putting a lot of eyeliner doesn’t make us look any younger. So, go with the current trend and let your natural beauty shine.

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