Three African Baby Hairstyle That Every African Should Try Once In Their Lifetime

african baby hairstyles

African babies are born with thick and curly black hair. It is a complicated task to hairstyle such toddlers with dense hair. Only a few of the babies keep calm while hairdressing. Others need some simple hairstyle, as they are intolerant. Here, we have discussed baby-friendly hairstyles for moms who wish to see their young ones in different hairstyles for baby boy and baby girl. Let’s explore it.

Afro Puff African Baby Hairstyle With A Band

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African girl children are the best to have an afro puff hairstyle, if they have a medium length coil-like black hair. You need some herbal baby hair gel handy to hold side hair upwards to make a hair puff. First, comb the head side hair with a baby comb in upward motion. Simultaneously, apply baby hair gel on the sides of the head and back. Once you achieve the desired puff level by holding the hair’s sides together with the gel, you can now fix a baby-friendly hairband on the gel-coated area. It is not advisable to use bands made of metal. Now you can find a beautiful puff above the hairband. A white hairband is a matching one for the black hair.

Pony Puff

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It is the best hairstyle to do for a girl with long hair. Here, your baby must be tolerant to hair styling. First, take the midline and separate the hair in the right and left parts. Now, apply baby-friendly hair gel from the center to the place where you will put a pony puff. Applying gel will straighten the curly hair from the center of the midline. Now take two rubber bands, make a ponytail on both sides, and put the rubber bands. Now, comb them to look like a ponytail on the sides of the head. Putting two ribbons will also look good on the pony puff on an African baby. It is advisable to apply herbal hair oil on the ponytail to look them shining. It will be good to look at the thick curly black hair.

Buzz Cut African Baby Hairstyle For Boy Child

This is a simple hairstyle for baby boys to do in the summer season. It is advisable to do this hairstyle with a trimmer adjusting with 0.5-length cutting. It will be better if your baby is tolerant to hair styling. It would be best if you did it in a level such that it looks even on all the sides over the head. The buzz cut is good for any boy child whose hair grows thick, dense, and lengthier. It is advisable to hair oil and comb them evenly. Buzzcut improves hair growth, as it will not give places for dirt and dusts on the hair scalp. It is easy to wash their head daily with mild hot water. A working mom should do a hairstyle within a minute and go for her work daily. Every mom can do this hairstyle if they know to use a hair trimmer.


African Baby Hairstyle has not been challenging. It is only a matter of being tricky and using simple, simple ideas but gives a good look in hairstyles.

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