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infant dresses

Infant dresses or infant clothing is formal clothing designed for infants to the age of one year. The word infant comes from the Latin term “infantulus”, which means small child. Baby clothing or infant fashion is a cultural consumerist practice which manifests in the cultural imagery of infants and depicts the typical representation of a social-economic consumer culture that depicts a system characterized by apparent differences in gender, ethnicity, or social status. In certain areas of the world, infant dresses are considered an essential part of infant fashion; infant formal wear is sometimes referred to as baby dress or infant casual wear. Even though the practice originated in other cultures around the globe, the design has been adapted and presented through the medium of infant dresses to the Western world and has been adapted into infant wear designs and patterns that can be worn by infants as young as one month.

Various Designs

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The design of infant dresses ranges widely according to age and gender. Infant dresses can be designed with full sleeves or infant tees or infant tank tops. They can be sleeveless or feature long sleeves, depending on the season. There are baby dresses available to fit toddlers and even babies who are still teething. In addition, dresses are available for little girls ranging from infant tees and tank tops to dresses with long sleeves and hooded blouses covering the shoulders.

The styles of these dresses are typically influenced by the type of clothing they will be worn with. For example, infant dresses for little girls tend to be more dresses made of fabrics like velvet or satin while infant boys often prefer to wear clothes made of more casual fabrics such as cotton. Additionally, infant dresses can be designed for specific seasons. A number of infant dresses are designed for infant and toddler seasons. These include infant tees and baby girls dresses, baby boys tees and dresses, and infant and toddler tank tops.

Fabric Used

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Some of the most common fabrics used in infant girl dresses are chiffon, velvet, and organza. Baby boy dresses tend to be made of materials such as cotton, which can be brushed and kept clean. Infant girl dresses are designed to grow with the child, so most infant girl dresses are manufactured in a one-size-fits-all style. They do, however, have special sizes and measurements that must be taken according to a specific height and weight of the child for proper fit.

Limited Colors

The colors available in baby girl dresses are also very limited. Blue and pink are the most popular colors worn by little girls while baby boys may choose to wear brighter colors including red and yellow. Boys usually prefer to wear shorts or khakis when attending baby showers and other occasions where their attire is needed to be covered. Little girls, however, will usually wear dresses with long dresses reaching down to their thighs.

Summing Up

Although many parents consider infant dresses to be a fashion trend, these pieces of clothing should actually help to protect the health of your child. Because a growing child needs to be able to move around and breathe, any outfit worn under normal circumstances should be designed to protect the child’s health. Consider adding a few soft cotton baby blankets to the dress you choose so that your infant is not wearing a thick, scratchy blanket inside their clothes all day.

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