The Advantages of Leasing a Maisonette Over Buying a Flat in Area With High Rise Ceilings


When most people think of a maisonette they usually picture a small apartment with a tiny kitchen and living room on the upper floor. However, these days the term has expanded to include a number of different styles and sizes for a variety of properties. In fact, there are now apartments with a full home below ground level. This can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. It is still easy to access the lower level of an apartment when you want to get something done, but it doesn’t have to be done.

A maisonette was originally designed as a private home for the designer or business owner. A typical design for such a home would include a small kitchen area with a small amount of living space. It would have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and often an attached bath with a separate entrance way. The advantage to this type of setup was that homeowners could create their own private space without having to deal with all the outside elements.

Places To Experience Maisonette

Nowadays the maisonette can typically be seen in a number of different sizes, styles, and configurations. They are commonly referred to as apartments or lofts, but there are some studios, duplexes, and one and two-story homes that fit this description perfectly. In fact, there are some mixed breed lofts that have more open floor plans than traditional lofts, but still maintain the traditional French Country or Midwestern look. These apartments also tend to have more open layouts in the kitchen and living areas.

A studio apartment, which is the size of a closet, is the perfect size for a small family or a single person. If a person were to max out the two floors in the loft space the unit would be too big for most apartments. If you opt for a lofts design you will need to provide a little extra square footage on the lower level to meet the needs of the family. Most maisonette designs are around three hundred square feet in size, so a little extra space is always welcome to accommodate more people.

Space On The Lower Level For A Small Kitchen

With a two or one floor maisonette, there is enough storage space on the lower level for a small kitchen and for an area for a sofa, loveseat, coffee table, or bookshelf. The advantage of the flat floors is that a homeowner does not have to worry about expansion beyond the first floor. Since there is no third floor, there is also less worry with structural integrity of the building and overall safety.

The Downside Of The Original Installation

The downside of the original installation is that there may be times when you do not have adequate access to the kitchen or living area, due to the location of the building. Some flat owners prefer to purchase additional properties to increase their exposure to these spaces, but if a person buys a flat in a neighbourhood that lacks access to the main amenities they can never really enjoy them fully. Maisonettes solve this problem by providing a convenient and accessible solution that meets all the requirements of a multi-level dwelling while also allowing neighbours to access the units at ground level.

Bottom Line

The advantages of purchasing a maisonette over renting a flat in an area with high rise ceilings include the ability to create a truly unique living space that features all the comforts of home without the high cost of renovation. Due to the unique construction of maisonettes, many leaseholders are able to rent them out as live-in apartments and benefit from all the luxury of a home without the commitment required when it comes to maintaining a property. As such, the leaseholder can enjoy the comfort and luxury of a large living space on a monthly basis whilst avoiding all the commitment associated with home ownership.

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