Stylish Hairstyle Ideas for Little Boys

little boy haircuts

If the simple buzzcut or mop-top isn’t quite cutting it for your toddler, look no further! Today, there are many on-trend and easy to maintain styles that will let your little man’s personality shine. You might want a low-maintenance look that’s still cool enough to make him stand out. Alternatively, he might want a fresh style that’s similar to his favorite characters, friends, or family members. Whatever his hair type, length or style, there’s a stylish toddler boy haircut that you’ll both love.

1. Crew Cut

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The crew cut is a simple and classic look that’s easy to style. Just like the adult version of the cut, the sides are cut short with longer hair left on top. If your boy has naturally thick hair, you won’t need to add any product to make it look good. The hair will have natural volume and get that cute tousled finish on its own. A crew cut is also a great option when your little one wants to have a matching haircut with his dad or big brother, as it suits all ages.

2. Disconnected Cut

The disconnected cut is a unique hairstyle for toddler boys. There’s a big contrast between the short sides and extra long top. As a result, it gets the best of both worlds – manageable length with a cool fringe effect. The style works well on both straight and curly hair, as well as thick and thin hair types. It’s ideal if you like to dress your boy in fashion-forward outfits as it’s eye-catching and on-trend.

3. Faux Hawk Cut

Looking for an edgy cut for your toddler? Try the faux hawk. The cut has a rebellious attitude and is perfect if your child loves to be the center of attention. To create the look, the sides are buzzed short by the barber – rather than shaved down entirely as in an adult mohawk. A central section of hair is then left slightly longer, and pomade or gel is used to create the spiky faux hawk effect. The cut is a favorite with lots of toddler boys because it’s grown-up and cool.

4. Afro

Let your little man’s natural curls fly free with an Afro hairstyle. It’s a cute and classic look that’s also versatile. You can shave the sides into a taper fade or even include fun designs based on your child’s personality and style. While kids’ hair is generally softer and smoother than adult hair, Afro textures can dry out. So to keep his curls looking healthy and defined, make sure you use moisturizing hair oils regularly.

5. Bold Fade

A fresh look for your toddler is the bold fade. Trendy and stylish, the hairstyle has an athletic feel. As it’s so short, it’s very low maintenance and easy to style. That makes it perfect for an active boy who doesn’t like sitting still. It’s also great for busy mums and dads who are short on time. You can have a barber create this look and then maintain the short sides at home with a regular shaver.

So try any of these styles for your little man today!

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