Organic Baby Clothes- The Best Eco-Friendly Choice For Kids

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Having confusion in deciding whether organic is the go-to choice for baby clothes? Is trust or money an issue while purchasing organic baby clothes? Read below to know if organic baby clothes are the best eco-friendly choice for kids.

Does Buying Organic Baby Clothes Cost A Lot?

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For a lot of people spending on organic would mean running after the expensive. It is not always the fact, because of the good deals available online. Some think of going organic, while others of a low cost buy and end up purchasing that ‘special baby dress’ which possibly would go bad after one or two washes. Various others think of the durability of clothing, choose a bigger size, and some wait for the sales season to arrive. Only a few of us think more practically and buy organic clothes at mid-ranged prices on a need basis.

The Ethics Related To An Organic Purchase

Are prices of organic clothing only a matter of worry? The cost definitely is a matter of concern apart from several other factors. It is not only the product’s cost you think about, but also you want to know that the source or the environment of the product to be pure too. For instance, if you buy organic milk, you would want the herd to be fed chemical-free food and also to be surrounded by a healthy environment.

So is the point with clothing too! Stores that sell clothes at very low prices are even paying their employees a very minimal salary. Such clothes do not get an assurance of quality from the customer’s side. After one or two washes, the cloth becomes a piece to dust off the cobwebs.  Textile stores having low price clothing also do not adhere to ethical practices in the factory and hire child laborers for cheap wages.

Why Opt Organic For Baby Clothes?

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Cotton crops undergo a lot of chemical treatment and are proven to be intensive to a large extent. If you opt for certified cotton such as organic cotton, GOTS cotton, Fairtrade cotton, etc. then there is a good effort from your side that is going in to maintain the kid’s skin as well as contributing to the environment by a chemical-free purchase. For kids who suffer from eczema, there is no better choice than organic wear. Also, Organic baby grows, and also bamboo swaddling babies are soft and kind to their sensitive skin, in which the little one can comfortably enjoy the sleep time.

·   Organic cotton is grown in a toxin-free environment, which is not only healthy for your kid but also a lot safe for the farmers and similar other employees working in the harvest and mills of cotton.

·   Organic cotton is far better than the low-quality ones. It is gentle to the skin of the baby, but also strong enough and can be used for the next baby because it washes well than the thinner, old fashioned cotton fabric that needs to be thrown after a few washes.


So, it is completely up to you to make the correct choice for the baby’s health and the environment. Purchasing organic baby clothes is an eco-friendly choice on your end. Make sure you opt the right organic baby clothes to render utmost comfort to your baby. 

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