Korean Fashion Trends You Should Try This January

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As you know, Korea’s style is ever-changing and edgy due to the extreme competition that occurs within its “fashionable” society, where there is constantly someone trying to look unique and beautiful. However, some style trends are more popular than others, and this month beginners can master these simple Korea-style ideas to look like a pro with no experience necessary!

Here are some easy and affordable ways to update your Korea-style.

1) The 80s Baggy Look

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The baggy look began in early 2013, then at the end of that year, the 90s came back into fashion, but this time it’s a romantic take on 90s style. Some Korean girls are creating their unique classy version using 70s accessories. These soft, wide-leg pants are perfect for casual days at school, but dress them up with a classy blouse and shoes to wear to work!

2) The Basic Blouse Look

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This look is simple to pull off and can be worn easily as an everyday outfit. With this type of clothing, you don’t have to worry about the little things (like if your shirt is tucked in or if you’re wearing a belt) and can focus more on accessorizing with bold, bright colors and fun hair accessories!

3) The Winter Jacket Look

The winter jacket Korea style trend is also simple. It’s perfect for fall and spring. All you need is a pretty dress or skirt, some boots or loafers, and of course your gorgeous winter coat! Just slip it on and go! This look gives off an outdoorsy feel which goes well with sweaters, scarves, and beanies.

4) The Crop Top Look

Since summer is almost here, the crop top look is also simple and perfect for wearing without worrying about your abs. Just pick a pair of shorts you like (flares are very trendy right now), and wear them with your favorite cropped tee! Add some heels or sandals to finish off this cute outfit!

5) The Basic Skirt Look

This Korea style trend is simple and perfect for beginners! Just pick a pair of jeans that you like, throw on some heels or cute flats, and you’re ready to go. You may dress it up or down depending on what top you choose. This type of look gives off a casual, fun vibe that is perfect for school or casual outings, but also works well with a blazer or vest!

6) The Dressy Dress Look

This dress trend is elegant and classy. If you buy the right accessories, it can go from daytime to nighttime by changing your shoes and switching out your bag! It’s perfect for school or work and all types of weather. You’ll never have to worry about what to wear again because this look is very versatile!

7) The One Piece Look

This Korean style trend is simple, classy, and bold. It may be to work or school, but you’ll need to pair it with the right accessories to make it casual or dressy. You can wear this look either by itself or over skinny jeans for a nighttime feel. The one-piece look is fun, trendy and since it’s bold and edgy, you don’t need to worry about fixing your hair or putting on makeup. Just slip on the dress and go!

8) The 70s Look

This trend is fun and funky. You can wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or dress it up for a more casual affair. It’s very versatile and perfect for every day! Girls are pairing this look with some cute flats, boots, loafers, heels for a casual or dressy feel! This Korean style trend is perfect for all seasons and can be anytime you’re looking for something cute and comfortable!

9) The Bright Dress Look

This look is perfect for summer! Since it’s a light-colored garment, you’ll need to wear some heels or boots with this outfit. You can wear it with a belt or without for a fun summer feel. Just throw on a lovely pair of strappy sandals and your favorite clutch, and you’re ready for a bright summer day!

10) The Classic Look

This look isn’t hard to pull off. It’s different from what most people wear. You may create this using an oversized shirt, sweater, and jeans! It’s perfect if you’re tired of dressing like everyone else! This look is casual. But it can easily be dressed up depending on the occasion.

Just like most clothing trends, the Korean style trend comes and goes. But this time, it’s back in a classy new way using 70s inspired details. Traditional accessories like hats, sunglasses, and bags are making a comeback, but here, they’re used with modern looks to create a unique stylish ensemble. So girls, go try it out for yourself! It’s time to change up your wardrobe and go Korea style.

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