Ensure Your Baby Health with Silicone Baby Accessories

By using silicone baby accessories, you are doing your part towards environment while keeping the health and well-being of your baby. Why? First of all, earth-friendly baby products do not add up to the environmental wastes. Secondly, they do not have any harmful chemicals or carcinogenic elements that seem to pose potential health hazard. 

Baby bottles are Primary Silicone Accessories

The presence of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastic bottles is a very serious concern especially in baby bottles. Tests have shown that BPA leaches through the repeated use of bottles containing the chemical. BPA is known to cause health problems in animals and considered to be harmful to humans and the environment. Some plastic bottles can leak phthalate that are linked to reproductive problems and liver cancers in mice. However, with silicone nipples these are not the case.

Look into using different bottles such as glass or #5 plastic bottles. Plastic bottles made of #5 are the most recyclable and have not yet been found to leach BPA. To prevent the presence of bacteria and injury you will want to periodically examine the bottles for scratches, chips and cracks. A safe choice for nipples would be silicone. Make sure they meet the highest standard. Also, look into aluminum and stainless steel water bottles with silicone nipples which can also be recycled after repeated use.

Silicone Accessories Aids in Proper Cleaning

As you know, the assurance of your baby’s health starts from choosing the right milk, but are you sure it’s clean and safe to have? This is why there’s an inclination towards the usage of silicone accessories especially for baby bottles. These are quite easy to clean as well. The bristles of the cleaning brush reaches the corners of the nipples, thus easily removing flakes, curds, and other particles that often get stuck inside. Usually these brushes come with two useful ends, which are specifically designed for the cleaning of silicone bottles. 

Benefits of Silicone Accessories

The silicone nipples are a lot better than the traditional latex nipples because they are less likely to crack and crumble. Another good reason to buy these baby bottles are because the modern styles of nipples are less likely to become discolored.

These bottles are also very good because they have a wider mouth on then which makes them a lot easier to clean. The modern bottles are also suitable for using within the dishwasher. If you would still prefer to hand wash your baby bottle then the wider neck makes this easier to do as you can get a dish scrubber inside the bottle.

Darker colored latex nipples are used less now, but are still available to consumers. Latex nipples can absorb smells and tastes and carry the potential for an allergic reaction to the latex. They also wear out quicker than the clear, silicone bottle nipples. While silicone nipples are much harder for a baby to chew through, it is possible, especially when babies start to teeth. Sometimes silicone nipples become worn out due to frequent washes, but they do not pose any health threat.

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