Easy Hairstyles for a Baby Girl

easy baby hairstyles

Are you a mom of a sweet little thing, aged 0 to 24 months? Then you don’t need us telling you it’s not easy to come up with baby girl hairstyles on a daily basis. You want something that’s both new and fun to try out, as well as quick and easy to put together. Here we are, coming to your aid, with 20 lovable pictures of exciting young styles. They’re perfect for spurring your styling creativity and, we hope, for bringing out the best in your young princess!

Your baby is growing fast during the first year and you sure want to take lots of pictures of her every month. The toddler hairstyles below will make your cutie even cuter!

#1: Flower Headband

A baby lying on a bed

As far as baby hairstyles go, this one’s an ultra-simple classic, which works for the youngest of the young. All you need is a wide-tooth comb and a soft fabric headband. Create a sort of side parting and add a textile band, ideally made from hypoallergenic materials. Flower embellishments are not mandatory, but definitely recommended.

#2: Side-Swept Bangs with French Braid

Got a baby girl with medium-length hair and a fringe? Here’s a creative way to keep those bangs off her face. Sweep the soft locks to one side, then create a side-braid, by pulling in strands from the parting. At the end, fasten it with a hair-colored band and you’re all done.

#3: Perfect High Ponytail for Black Baby Girls

Super-curly hair has a mind of its own and can also make your beautiful angel sulk and cry on hot days. It will keep a baby warm, that’s for sure! To make playtime more fun, sweep those curls up and tie the hair as high as it will go. A big, funky bow will top it all off like a cherry on an ice cream Sundae.

#4: Ribbon Headband for Curly Hair

A close up of a woman with pink hair looking at the camera

Got a snazzy affair coming up? There aren’t that many hairstyles for babies that would make the cut—especially not for kids who haven’t even turned 1 year-old yet! If your little one has short, naturally curly hair, work with a headband and some kid-friendly pomade to achieve this mixed look. The band will push most of the hair off her face, while the slicked-up bangs will stay in place all day.

#5: Pigtails, Braids and Buns

Here’s one for active days: start by creating a central part. Divide each side into two sections and make a French braid in the top part. Finish off each side with a normal braid, then tie both into ponytails. To keep your little girl cool, twist each tail into a loose bun.

#6: High Dutch Braids

This one is for moms who like to braid. And there’s no need to worry about learning a new technique: Dutch braids aren’t that much different from French braids. In fact, they’re just the same, but you’re pulling each strand under the others. Start right at the hairline and work your way down, braiding closely to the scalp. Finish each side with a normal braid and secure it with a band.

So, try any of these hairstyles for your little girl.

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