Dressing Baby For Winter – Tips and Tricks

dressing baby for cold weather

We all remember how cold it was to dress our children for the Winter Classic when all we had to do was put on a pair of mittens and a sweater. We may have dressed them warmly but our little ones were not able to tolerate the temperature. They ended up getting sick and even developing pneumonia.

Pay Attention To Certain Details

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Dressing your baby for winter weather needs you to pay attention to certain details that will help you keep your child comfortable. It starts with the linens. Make sure that the linens are lightweight. Wool blends are the best because they are very soft but can be quite heavy for little babies who are just beginning to adjust to the change in temperature. Wool is also breathable, which makes it great for winter. Other fabrics that are perfect for dressing are denim, fleece and even silk.

Baby dresses should be loose fitting and snug. Too tight can cause suffocation. In addition, make sure that the fabrics to match your baby’s existing wardrobe. For example, a frilly little dress would not go well with a baby boy. Keep in mind that your child will also begin to outgrow their clothes so purchasing extra outfits or even an entire new wardrobe can be costly. You can, however, save money by dressing baby for winter using baby clothes that you buy second hand.

Invest In A Few Good Wool Sweaters

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You might want to invest in a few good wool sweaters, a couple of pairs of mittens and some fleece hats. Keep an extra supply of clothes and old items in the house such as scarfs, booties and blankets. You will also need extra blankets and lined hats for around the house.

Your little one will probably have special needs such as special sizes or cuts. Dressing them for winter will require some extra attention to detail. Be especially careful to pick the right color clothing as well as sizes. Toddler clothing is notoriously difficult to get the right fit. You may have to try several different colors or sizes before finding a dress that fits.

Walk Around Much In Winter

Be aware that your little one will not be able to walk around much in winter. Most will only be able to get in and out of their cribs and cradles. You will also need to consider having them dressed with booties, blankets and even gloves. Little ones can easily catch a cold virus or become ill from sucking on dirty hands. It is important to keep them warm and dry.

Last Words

Dressing baby for winter does not have to be difficult if you are prepared. You will find plenty of helpful hints, tips and tricks online. You may want to visit a baby store or department store to make sure there is enough clothing for winter. When shopping, look for items in a variety of colors, styles and patterns? Once you get your baby dressed for winter, it should be easy to ensure that your child stays warm and out of danger from colds and sicknesses.

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