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Dressing Baby For Sleep – How to Prepare For Sleepovers

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Dressing a baby for sleep is something that all new parents have to do at some point. While most folks are used to dressing babies for sleep during the day, they are often not so sure whether the same guidelines apply to their babies. Read on for some practical advice when it comes to dressing babies for sleep when it’s cooler outdoors. These are not set in stone rules but rather guidelines that have stood the test of time and should serve as a good starting point for dressing your baby for sleep.

Make Temperature Warm For Babies

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The first thing you should do before dressing a baby for sleep is to allow your baby to sleep and get used to the temperature outside. Put a blanket on him or her to help keep them warm, but also keep them comfortable. The idea is to get the baby used to the changing environment so that he or she will not be afraid it’s cold when they go to sleep.

Once your baby has been sleeping through the night, put on just enough clothing so that they are not too hot or too cold. If the weather is very cold, make sure the blankets are lined with a thin woolen material. This will provide a little extra warmth without making your baby feel too hot. In the afternoon, make sure you allow your baby to take a short nap so that their body heat will return quickly. This is important for dressing your baby for sleep that includes taking naps.

Protect Your Baby From The Sun

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The sun can make your baby’s skin tingle and burn. Also, excessive sun can cause your baby to get painful sunburns. To prevent this, dress your baby in loose clothing, like a long-sleeved shirt with a big print. Be sure that baby’s diapers are also loose, so that baby can easily crawl into them. It is also good to keep sun blocked areas in your yard such as near the pool or near trees.

For nighttime protection, use sun blocks of SPF 30 or better. When the sun is too strong, babies might be too uncomfortable to sleep through the afternoon. In addition, too much sun can make your baby’s skin dry and uncomfortable. So, be sure to use sun block even if you think your baby is not going to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Use A Baby’s Crib

Another thing you should do in preparing your baby for sleeping in a nursery is to use a baby’s crib. You can use your crib as a dressing room for your infant until they are ready for a bigger space. The last thing you want is for your baby to get tangled up in your sheets. So, before letting your baby stay in their crib, be sure that you have it cleaned out by a professional.

Bottom Line

Many new parents struggle with dressing their baby for sleep at first. But if you follow these simple steps, you will help your baby get through their first month without any trouble. Keep the following things in mind when dressing your baby. Do not use any harsh detergents on their skin. Be sure to allow your child to go to sleep and wake up in a peaceful environment. Finally, make sure to let your child play in their room until they are fully settled.

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