Cute Baby Hairstyles – Black Is A Nice Color For Babies

baby hairstyles black

The choices for baby hairstyles are almost unlimited. Today, more than ever, parents are steering clear of the traditional “plunge” or” updo,” and choosing one that is best for their little one. This trend toward individualized styling is beginning to make a comeback in many parts of the country. Here are some classic black hair styles for babies and toddlers that are sure to satisfy.

Cute Baby Hairstyles

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A simple, choppy look with layers is a favorite for many new mothers. With layers, baby’s hair takes on a natural appearance: it looks clean and healthy, yet full of energy. Long hair is the perfect length for this style, as long as it is cut straight and left to dry naturally. A baby brush or small comb is often used to untangle the knots. Baby hair can be bleached at home to create a natural finish, or you can opt for a salon-style treatment.

Classic Styles

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Another simple, but classic style for babies is the buzz cut. It is easy to pull off, and requires no heat styling. With layers, baby’s hair is left to dry naturally, and the buzz can be kept throughout the day. If your baby is old enough, you can have the hair colored just like his or her own hair, with a slight variation.

The bob is a very cute option for a baby girl. Many moms turn to the classic “bob” for their daughter, but a bob with a shorter haircut is adorable on a baby boy as well. Hair length should be about one inch to two inches in length; the shorter the hair, the longer the face will appear. A baby bobber with a square or triangle shape at the bottom is cute and can be tied back with a ribbon or cord for a polished look.

Just like adults, babies can be helped by coloring their hair. Although many styles look great when the hair is naturally dark, parents may want to try darker highlights for their little girl. There are many baby hair colors that look cute and natural. Black, brown, and even green can be used. Coloring should be done only when the baby is old enough and can handle it; too much can make the hair hard and brittle.

Short Baby Haircut

A short baby haircut is one of the most classic styles for babies. The short cut can be very simple or very long. Both options look nice on baby. When choosing a short style, parents will want to choose hair accessories such as clips or pins, and a little accessory like jewelry or a bandeau to go with the overall look. The overall look will depend on the mom’s personal preference.

Cute Baby Dresses

Cute baby dresses are often paired with a short bob style, especially if the baby is very young. The dress is usually a baby girl’s dress, but can be used as a baby boy’s dress when the child is older. Babies should always have some sort of coverage on them, whether it’s from pregnancy or not, and the baby’s hair style should reflect this. It’s cute to use a little black dress with a baby bob, but it doesn’t have to be super-formal. In fact, the little black dress can make a baby girl’s fashion statement more cute than any other piece of clothing!


Black is a popular color for baby hairstyles, and there are many different looks that can be achieved. Most black hair looks great, so it’s easy to find a variety of different ways to wear the color. Just make sure that the mom is comfortable with the style and understands how it will affect the hair.

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