Choosing The Perfect Preemie Baby Clothes

preemie baby clothes

One of the most challenging things you will ever face is choosing the proper clothing for your preemie baby. As a new parent you are naturally concerned with her overall health as well as the safety of her. In addition to these two important factors it is important for the clothes you buy for her to give her the best possible comfort. You have just as much concern about her happiness and well being as you do about her health and safety. What to Look For When Choosing Preemie Baby Clothes

If the material is too stiff it will limit the amount of mobility your preemie has when wearing the diaper. It is also important to choose clothing that provides easy access for all sections of your preemie’s body, particularly if she is being held in the NICU.

Comfortable And Functional

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The design of your preemie’s wardrobe should be comfortable and functional. It is not only a smaller size, which is beneficial. Your little one will grow into the clothes and they will be more fitting as she gets older and bigger. Look for baby clothes that allow her arms and legs to move freely as she begins to crawl, stand, and walk.

Preemie diapers will need to be replaced soon after birth. You should check with the pediatrician to determine what type of disposable diapers are recommended for your particular baby. It is also important to ensure that the diapers fit properly. They should not be too tight or loose as this could cause discomfort for your preemie.

Ample Room For Your Baby

Preemie baby clothes should have ample room for your baby to sit up, lie down, and get up. They should also have plenty of room for parents to hold them and help the baby out of her cot. It is not only cute for your preemie to have her own clothes but also comfortable for her to wear. It helps to give her a sense of pride when people ask her where she came from.

Preemie clothes which are brightly coloured and bright in pattern can make your preemie stand out more in a crowd. She will feel more secure when she knows her own parents and other relatives can spot her in the crowd. When your preemie is young, it is best not to mix her with other babies as this can put strain on her tender skin. You may choose to have her sleep with another family member however, this should only be done when your preemie is small and cannot physically take care of herself.

Organic Fabrics And Materials

There are many types of baby clothes on the market for your preemie to choose from. These clothes range from infant ones to non-lingerie ones for sleeping. Some come with hoods, some without and there are cute outfits designed for play. Since your preemie’s skin is likely to be fragile, it is best that you stick to organic fabrics and materials which are gentle to the skin.

Finding clothes for your preemie can sometimes be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are many resources available for this purpose such as the internet. Preemie clothes are easy to find and you can also choose between different brands. You can even shop online where you can compare prices and brands. The important thing is for you and your parents to ensure that your preemie has a great deal of comfort and security in their lives.

Choosing The Right Color

Choosing the right color for your baby’s clothes should be one of the most crucial steps. Most parents like to buy bright clothes for their baby to make them stand out. However, this does not mean that they have to go overboard. A light pastel or beige color can actually be more calming for your baby as well as making them look much bigger than they really are. Make sure that the clothes that you buy are not too form fitting as you want your baby to grow into them slowly.

When choosing preemie baby clothes, make sure that they are not too complicated to put on. Babies grow very fast and you do not want them struggling when trying to put on their clothes. Look for designs that will be easy for you and your little one to put on. It is important that the clothes you buy allow them to freely move around. If the clothes are too tight, you may have to spend extra time taking them off and putting them on again.

Final Words

Preemie baby clothes should also not be too expensive. The price should reflect the quality of the product rather than how many colors you can choose from. Think about whether or not the items are worth the money and if they are then buying them will probably be a good idea. Preemie clothes will only be worn once before they are often replaced so picking the best ones for your child is essential.

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