Basic Steps Of Baby Girl Braiding Hairstyles

baby girl braiding hairstyles

We understand that all of us want our little girls to look cute and adorable in whatever they wear or carry. It is the sole reason that most parents keep on experimenting with the hairstyles of their baby girls. However, not every time they are successful. Sometimes they end up making the hairs look more messy and uncombed. Therefore, we are here to help you with a step-by-step guide to baby girl braiding hairstyles. If you follow these simple steps for braiding your baby girl’s hair, you will find it quite easy and simple. You can also choose to watch a youtube video for it. However, it is always better to follow the written step-by-step tutorial.

Why Do You Find It Difficult To Braid Your Little Girl’s Hair

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The most prominent reason why you find it difficult to braid your daughter’s hair is that you are not following the steps properly. There are so many baby hair braiding styles available out there that you can follow. However, the basic step of most of these baby hair braiding styles remains the same. Therefore, we are here to teach you the basic steps that are applicable to all the different braiding styles out there. We are sure that once you start to follow these steps carefully, you will definitely succeed in making the perfect braided hairstyle. Well, we know that it is easier said than done. But, let us make it super easy for you.

The Basic Steps Of Baby Girl Braiding Hairstyles

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There are so many baby girl braiding hairstyles. You can choose any of these. However, let us here begin with the most common of all the braiding hairstyles, i.e., fish braid hairstyle.

For a fish braid hairstyle, you will need to follow these simple steps-

Step 1- Brush out your hair really well. Detangle all the tangles. 

Step 2- Decide about the aide that you want to braid and then split that side into two equal sections.

Step 3- Start by taking a small section of hair from one side and bring it over and add it to the inside of the other side. Repeat the same step. 

Step 4- Keep repeating the step all across the hair.

Step 5- By doing this way, reach all the way down to your hairs and secure the hairstyle with a hair tie. 

Step 6- Add cute little hair accessories on the front of the hairstyle. 

And that is all. Your daughter is good to go.

Make Her Rock Her Braid

There are so many types of baby girl braiding hairstyles that you can easily give a perfect touch to your baby girl’s hairs. However, as we said above, you need to follow some simple steps which are basic to each kind of braided hairstyle. We have mentioned the steps of the fish braid hairstyle. However, the same steps with a little bit of modification will be applied to all other braided hairstyles like a dutch braid, under the braid, under pony braid, etc.

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