Baby Hairstyles Short Hair – How To Look Classy And Sassy

baby hairstyles short hair

When everyone is so much into fashion and new trends, you wouldn’t want your toddler to be behind. Back in the days when a simple buzz cut or mop-top was just a fine haircut for your toddler, things were way easier. But now the new generation wants to be ahead in everything. Today, many fashionable and easy styles will let your kid’s personality shine. Haircuts can be quite expensive, so you might want to have a low-maintenance look that is still stylish enough to make your kid stand out. You must try this baby hairstyles short hair to make your kid look cool and classy at the same time.

Baby Hairstyles Short Hair – Crew Cut

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It is a simple yet classic look that is very easy to style and maintain. It is almost the same as the cut’s adult version, where sides are short with some longer hair left on the top. If your kid has thick hair, you would not even need any other product to make it look good. It will get a cute tousled finish on its own because of the natural volume of hair. As it suits all ages, you can match your cut with your kid too. You can try these kinds of baby hairstyles short hair as they are also easy to do on your own.

Faux Hawk Cut

If you want your kid to look cute and cool and edgy, you can try this look. It has a rebellious vibe to it, making it even cooler than other baby hairstyles short hair. To create this look, all you have to do is buzz the sides short, do not shave entirely as it is done for adults. The central section of hair is used to create a spiky faux hawk effect. This cut is a favorite amongst a lot of kids because it is unique and cool.

Not every parent would like to give a traditional look to their child and some would like to leave it to their taste and for kids, that age, cute and edgy would make them look attractive. If you agree with us, you might want to check out this hairstyle for your baby and give him the kind of cool look he would be happy about when he checks out childhood photographs later. 

Baby Hairstyles Short Hair – Quiff

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It is one of those baby hairstyles short hair that looks good not only on kids but also on adults. It is the perfect look for short hair. It looks best on straight hair with short and back and cut on the side too. You can use a little to adjust the hair and make it look neat and tidy.


As a parent, you will always want your kid to look great. These baby hairstyles short hair looks good on a baby, and if your kid is a toddler or even a teenager. If your kid has shorter haircuts, they will be needed to be trimmed every four or six weeks to maintain the style. This will also give your kid a fresh look that can be similar to their favorite character or best friend.

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