Baby Fashion Shoes: Merchandises |

Baby Fashion Shoes: Merchandises

Baby Fashion Shoes: Top 4 Merchandises

Choosing the first pair of shoes for the newest member of your family can be a very daunting job at times. Especially if it is your first kid. The size, shape, strength or balance of the legs depends on the pair of shoes that a baby gets to wear on. While the comfortability, durability and optimum design of the shoes are the most critical factors for the health. Some added style in their shoes will make your little one stand out from the rest. In this article, we will discuss the top four merchandises. Which will bring comfort and style to the tiny, fragile legs with their range of baby fashion shoes.

Bobux Baby Fashion Shoes

Baby Fashion Shoes: Top 4 Merchandises
Baby Fashion Shoes: Top 4 Merchandises

With the stylish and well-fitted collection of shoes, Bobux has to be the first one on the list. In 1991, Chris and Collen Bennet introduced the first all-leather soft sole under the umbrella of Bobux. Fast-forwarding a couple of decades, Bobux is embracing creativity just like your little kid. The merchandise has a lot to offer in the baby fashion shoe genre:

  • SOFT SOLE for the newly born ones or pre-walkers.
  • XPLORER for the ones who are learning to walk and explore everything around them.
  • STEP UP for the first steps.
  • I-WALK for toddlers.
  • KID+ for the new little students.

Clarks Baby Fashion Shoes

Baby Fashion Shoes: Top 4 Merchandises
Baby Fashion Shoes: Top 4 Merchandises

In 1825, Cyrus and James Clark made slippers out of sheepskin. Since then, they have made their name for elegant adult and baby fashion shoes. The merchandise offers baby shoes for different age groups: for crawling, cruising and walking. These shoes come in whole and half sizes as the leg sizes vary largely among the babies. The colourful prints and patterns in the pram shoes of the newbies are of particular interest. With over 200 years of experience, Clark will support every step of your little one from the very day he or she will start to venture.

Lelli Kelly

If you are searching for a shiny sparkling pair of shoes for your little princess, then Lelli Kelly is the best option for you out there. Started in Italy in 1992, Lelli Kelly has since made sure that you get the exact kind of fashionable pair of little shoes that you have been dreaming for your girl. Whether it is a party, wedding or any social event, Lelli Kelly can provide the perfect baby fashion shoe for every occasion of every season. The Canvas and Baseball shoes with their hand sewen beads and flowers are the perfect ones for Spring. Their gorgeous summer shoes are extremely comfortable for the baby’s feet.


 Captain Zuga, Dr Olivia Hoot or Dutchess Bubble Gum Sparkles, the extensive range of Ikiki shoes in the baby fashion shoes will never disappoint you. The most exciting part of these shoes is the unique patented squeak design with the ON/OFF switch. This squeak feature helps in proper “heel-toe” walking combination. These vegan-friendly and anti-slip gripped fashionable shoes are made of breathable fabric for added convenience of the feet.

 Before adding these baby fashion shoes to the wardrobe, you should always consult an expert for the proper size of the feet of your kid. At this age, the shape and size vary rapidly and the shoes have a long-lasting effect on them. While fashion is always tempting, the focus should mainly be on the design and comfortability.

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