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It’s hard to hear their little cry out when you are trying to concentrate on the other things of the day. However, Baby Alive solves this problem by supplying audio nursery rhymes targeted specifically for infants.

These tunes engage all the senses and can help stimulate your baby’s brain. They are designed so that they are not annoying or distressing, but rather musical and comforting. This is a good option for breastfeeding mothers, because not only does Breastfeeding have calming effects on the baby’s nerves and glands, but it also has soothing effects on their ears too.

The Melodies Are In Harmony

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With Baby Alive, the melodies are in harmony and never out of place. So easy to understand that even a baby can teach himself to sing these tunes with these CDs. The tunes are catchy enough that the baby will remember them and when he wants to listen to the music, he will turn to his favorite spot in the house where he knows the tunes will be played. And that’s just what he needs in order to quiet down for a while.

As you probably know, babies are fascinated with bright colors, patterns, and textures. Baby Alive is no exception. Using vibrant color schemes and the soothing sounds of music, the accessories can easily become a new baby obsession for baby. Every time the baby hears these songs, he just has to have them.

Doesn’t Contain Any Violence Or Blatant Humor

Another good thing about Baby Alive is that it doesn’t contain any violence or blatant humor. The goal of the company is to give babies a wide variety of things that are wholesome and fun. In addition, the music is not explicit in any way. It uses music that is not meant to be heard by younger children. And the songs are not songs aimed at any age group – they are appropriate for babies as young as one month and even older than a year and a half.

The Baby Alive music is being composed by the very talented Renee Carlisle. Renee is a talented baby music producer/arranger. Her musical talent has brought her to the attention of parents and producers alike. When you purchase one of her Baby Alive accessories you are getting a high quality product. That’s because she knows that what you are buying is something your baby will enjoy. Renee has extensive experience in producing baby CDs.

A Host Of Other Things That Your Baby Will Love

If you don’t want to use the music, the Baby Alive accessories include a host of other things that your baby will love. Some of the other items included in the package include: a baby swing, baby tub, baby feeding set, baby book and an activity book. These are the basics so far and there is more to come as the company continues to develop products to enhance the overall experience.

With the popularity of the Baby Alive products you would think that Target would have been knocking on every door with them but they haven’t. If you really want to find one of these great products for yourself then you need to look on the internet. You can visit Target’s website and view the available products that they have in their baby shower line. You can also read the many customer reviews that are posted. There is bound to be one or two that have your child’s interest.

A Little Research On The Baby Alive Company

Once you see the products that they offer in the baby shower line you will want to do a little research on the Baby Alive company and see how they became a success. The company was started by two mothers that wanted to create a product that would help their son with hearing problems. Their main goal was to develop products that were in line with what a baby needs as they grow older. They never intended on marketing their product to the baby shower market but it worked and they are now a successful company with a wide variety of products for any type of baby.

The Baby Alive music CD is a great way to introduce music to your baby. It helps to get their attention when they are trying to sleep. Just having the music playing can get them to relax for a few hours which could help to reduce any crying or discomfort. It also helps stimulate their brain activity, which has a positive effect on learning.


You can purchase a Baby Alive music CD or download it from their website. The product line includes baby wipes, baby baths, Infant bath and other personal care products. The Infant Bath is especially nice because it comes with a bottle and a shower cap. Many parents have said that it is a lot easier to clean up after their baby bathes with these products rather than using baby shampoo and other baby care products.

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