9 Super Cute Baby Girl Hairstyle To Try On Your Kid Now

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Styling a baby’s hair is different from styling your hair. That’s because their hair is different and less manageable but messier than ours. So choosing baby girl hairstyles becomes a tricky job but not impossible, though. Mothers can easily pick one of our recommended hairstyles to make their little ones look adorable and photogenic. ( Taking pics will definitely be on the list after all!!!)

Best Baby Girl Hairstyles For Your Princess

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Bobby Haircut

A baby sitting on a bed

If your girl has straight hair, a Bobby cut will suit her. This evergreen haircut is manageable and keeps them away from playing with their long hair. Plus, the concern of hair getting dirty while playing in the sand won’t bother the mothers.

Tom Boy Cut

Way back, girls didn’t prefer Tomboy cuts; rather, they like making braids and pony even though they take too much time. But tomboy cut has gradually become a favorite of girls. And they look super cute on a baby girl.

Pixie Cut

One of the best baby girl hairstyles is the pixie cut. You can call it today’s generation cut. No-fuss, no mess, and your baby is ready to rock any look, whether for a party or trip. Plus, it goes with any outfit and adds a charm to your baby’s cuteness.

Front bangs

Go with front bangs if you don’t want to completely cut off the hair and give them a more stylish look. Cut till the forehead and either keep the rest of the hair long or cut them short till the shoulder. This one suits almost everyone, especially the chubby girls.

Shag Cut

Many kids don’t have hair volume, which makes styling difficult. Girl shag hair cuts are best to add volume, texture, and style to their hair.

Medium V Cut

If your baby has thick hair with more volume, you’ve got a great chance to experiment with them. A medium V cut is best if you don’t want to sacrifice too much of their hair but want to give a unique look.

Chop off the hair to the length you want and let them flaunt this new fashionable hairstyle.

Curly Layers

Managing curly hair is difficult for adults; babies can’t even do it on their own. So maintain them since childhood so that they don’t get too messy. Layering is perfect as it reduces the volume plus doesn’t let the hair detangle quickly.

Smooth Layers

Long hair can be messier, too, if not get the right cut. Smooth layers are ideal for babies with extra-long and voluminous hair. Make a pony or let it be simple for getting different looks with one style.

Straight Fringes

Truly a princess hairstyle! Straight fringes look better on those with circle faces or oval faces. It’s a show-stealer, in other words. The fringes at the front and straight side hairs add extra length to the hair.

And they match all kinds of dresses. Your baby will absolutely turn into a princess with this style.

These top baby girl hairstyles are trendy. So just get it done now and get rid of the extra burden of managing their hair.

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