7 DIY Ideas To Make Baby Girl Accessories At Home

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A mother just can’t get enough of her daughter. The excitement of dressing up alike and together is something different. If you are expecting a baby girl and you are in your last trimester. Then you should probably get your hands quickly on DIY baby girl accessories. This way, you will show her eternal love in touchable form when she’ll dress up in your handmade baby girl accessories. 

I have a few options of what baby girl accessories you can try making. And it’s extremely easy to find any DIY tutorial on baby girl accessories online on YouTube. 

List Of 7 Baby Girl Accessories You Can Make At Home

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Baby Polka Dot Bow Headbands

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Headbands are the cutest of baby girl accessories. You can make an entire collection of baby bow headbands matching their outfits. You need to have some soft fabric and some beads for that. Remember, whenever you’re making these baby girl accessories, make sure you don’t use elastic. Instead, use the same fabric so that you don’t squeeze the delicate head of the baby. 

Baby Felt Flower Crown

For your princess, these baby girl accessories of flower crowns will be suitable. For this baby girl accessories idea, you only need some fabric, soft wire, and get some fabric flowers to attach to the lace. 

Baby Nautical Suspenders

Keep your little one’s pants or shirts from falling off for that just jazz up their outfits with these baby girl accessories called suspenders. Go from drab to chic with the blink of an eye without letting anyone know. 

Baby Printed Pacifier Clips

For both little boys and girls, pacifiers are the must-have toy for the first few months. So why don’t you make an attachment which is not only functional but stylish as well? Go and find the whole process online. 

Baby Leg Warmers

When your baby girl starts crawling, there’s no stopping. And during the winter season, you need leg warmers to make your onesies look better. Pair it with a skirt over the warmer and boots and a nice warm and cozy top. And there you have these gorgeous baby girl accessories to make them look beautiful. 

Baby Leather Moccasins

If you are a mom who knows to stitch, then I’m sure you left with lots of fabric at the end. The next DIY baby girl accessory is how to use a bit of leather to create some posh and gorgeous moccasins for your little munchkin. 

Baby Gold Belt

This DIY baby girl accessory is where you have to teach yourself to create a baby belt. Go for gold for your little princesses because girls look pretty in vibrant colors. However, you can pick something subtle for your boy. 


These are the seven baby girl accessories every mom can make using some DIY steps. You don’t need to buy every baby girl’s accessories from expensive brands. As long as you have the time, it’s easy to follow DIY steps to make accessories for your princess.

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