6 Unique Baby Boy Accessories For The Nursery

6 Unique Baby Boy Accessories For The Nursery

The most exciting part of being a new mother is planning the nursery of your child. You put your heart and soul into it and wish to make it best. However, most of the time, new mothers tend to put many unnecessary things in the nursery. Therefore, to make your work a bit easy, we have listed a few baby boy accessories that you must keep in the nursery.


Now, when planning a nursery for your baby, a crib is the essential thing to include. The crib will be the place where your newborn will spend most of his time. While selecting the crib for your baby, it is important to check its durability. The crib must be strong enough to handle the weight of the baby.

6 Unique Baby Boy Accessories
6 Unique Baby Boy Accessories

Further, you must be able to include a camera in the crib to monitor your baby at all times. Nowadays, many cribs come with built-in storage too. It makes storing things like baby clothes, shoes, diapers a bit easy for you.


When it comes to choosing a mattress for your baby, you tend to make lots of mistakes. Make sure to buy a soft and yet sturdy mattress to provide good support to your baby. There are several options, and varieties are available for you to choose from. Moreover, many hypoallergenic mattresses are available in the market that proves to be the idle option for a baby.

Nursing Chair And Pillow

The nursing chair is most important in a nursery. As you will feed your babysitting on it. It would help if you bought the chair that keeps you at ease. Further, there are several options in chairs available in the market. However, buy the one that provides you with easy movement.

In addition to this, a nursing pillow is equally important as the head of the baby needs to be lifted while feeding. To prevent indigestion and gas. Further, it will support the baby for about three years. However, do look into the quality of the pillow before making the purchase.

Drawers And Dressers

No matter how small the baby is. They require a change in clothes about six to seven times in a day. Therefore, it becomes necessary to build a closet space for them. You can build a drawer and dresser for them that will store all their clothing. Further, you can use the surface as the place for changing clothes and diapers of your baby.


You must place a nightlight in the nursery of your baby. The baby will be sleeping alone at night. Thus, it becomes necessary to place a light to not get scared during the night.

Baby Boy Accessories For The Nursery
Baby Boy Accessories For The Nursery

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are a huge hit in a nursery. You can use them for storing toys, sheets, pillows, and other essentials of the baby. They come in a really cute style and designs. You can even get basket sets that match with each other for the nursery.

So these were few essentials that must be present in the nursery of your baby.

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